This is my journey to a better, smarter and more beautiful home.

Home is where is you spent a lot of your time. It is also a small slice of the world you can totally make your own. My goal is to fully use this freedom to make my home beautiful and smart at the same time.

I like to build things in my free time and I am a professional software engineer. For my home I am combining these skills to build beautiful, yet usable custom furniture of all kinds as well as use electronics to make my home smart enough to react on its own.

This blog is a place to share all of this with the world. I hope it helps someone out there who might be on the same journey.

Smart home technology tries to make your home awesome. Lights can magically turn on if you need them , a robot cleans for you and mundane tasks are automated.

DIY Smart home dashboard

Technology has come a long way but most manufacturers try to lock you into their own (online) system with less than ideal prices and possible security and privacy problems. Instead I am focusing on open source local smart home control software and a combination of different devices from different brands for the best experience.

Building your smart home can be quite a challenge but also a lot of fun: here I am sharing my own experience

The most visible and most used part of any home is usually the furniture. Unfortunately most furniture you can buy is either of bad quality or really expensive. It is also rarely made for you. This can be changed by building your own custom furniture!

Custom LED lit headphone holder

A table, a wordclock or a custom lighting setup – Building your own furniture might be a daunting task but the result can be well worth the effort. Here are my projects.


Build awesome stuff!