Your full smart home at a glance. Unlock the power of Grafana and Home Assistant.

A simple step by step guide teaching you all about how to use Grafana in a smart home and how to connect it to Home Assistant.

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Home Assistant is an awesome smart home controller. It does a great job of integrating many different smart home devices and protocols but it does not have the greatest dashboard of all times. Grafana to the rescue! This tool is built to visualize data in a lot of different ways and excels at building dashboards.

Grafana and Home Assistant can be combined to be a great platform for your smart home. An awesome and flexible dashboard with Grafana that can even be integrated back into Home Assistant. So if you

  • are starting your smart home and want to have a great dashboard
  • have a smart home with Home Assistant and want to add a better dashboard
  • or just want to learn about visualizing data with Grafana

then this is the guide for you! Easy to follow and with lots of pictures, description and the code you will need.

The nearly 30 pages with text, images and code cover all related topics from hardware & software setup over integration with an InfluxDB database to an explanation of Grafana dashboards and the available visualization types.

The guide was tested with Grafana up to version 8.4.0, InfluxDB 1.8 and Home Assistant 2021.12.0. Newer version should also work but might slightly differ from the description.

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