Amazing table legs for my custom wood & epoxy table

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A couple of years ago I built an (for me at least) amazing custom coffee table from oak and black epoxy. I started to dislike the legs though and started looking for new ones. I found the most awesome solution from a company called Flowyline. This is how it looks

A custom coffee table

Epoxy “river” tables have become a huge trend – maybe a bit too huge. I tell myself I built my epoxy table before it was cool! Either way I am still really really happy with this custom table I built around three years ago from oak wood and black epoxy.

The legs are an issue

Back then I built the table top myself but decided to get some ready made legs. I wanted something minimal to not take away the focus from the table itself and decided to go with hairpin legs. While I still think they look ok I noticed a couple of issues with them over time.

First they are all angled towards the middle of the table and mounted on the corners. This seems to put a lot of stress on the table which over time started to slightly bend towards the middle. Initially I mostly fixed this by adding additional support to the underside but this is just fighting the syndromes, not the cause.

Over time I also started to dislike the design combination a bit. I moved since building the table and now it is one of the center pieces of my living room. I believe a more heavy base with a design to match the table itself would be a better fit now.

Finding flowy legs

I started looking around for better alternatives. Initially I focused on so called spider table legs – these look like a set of metal beams kind of randomly stacked on top of each other. Quite a cool look I believe but it was difficult finding ones that would work with such a small table.

Then I stumbled upon the Blacktail studio Youtube channel. On this channel Cam builds the most amazing furniture, including epoxy tables. In one of his videos he used amazing custom legs and mentioned Flowyline – an US company building very unique table legs.

In the end I decided to get these legs (with my own money, not sponsored). They are amazing. I want to quickly share here how they look and how I mounted them.

Mounting flowylines legs to my epoxy table

The legs where delivered quite quickly in a secure packaging. After spending some time removing the plastic sheet wrapped around them I could finally have a look at the legs. They are quite sturdy with a rough (nearly like sandpaper) black finish without any scratches.

The first thing I noticed is that they even have small built-in leveling feet. Of course this is mentioned on the website but I overlooked that…

Leveling feet

Next I had to remove the existing legs and the the support bars I had mounted some years earlier.

The old hardware

Next I did some measuring to position the new feet properly in the middle of the table and parallel to the side. The mounting plate uses slotted holes to account for wood movement. I don’t think there is enough wood in my table for a lot of movement but still nice to see that.

Mounting the new legs

While this is maybe not the most professional mounting method I decided to use simple screws and washer to mount the new feet. To do that I had to first drill some more holes into the bottom of the plate but this method is quite quick overall.

New legs mounted

The new legs do mount easily and securely and are already pulling the table top back into a plain. I am super happy with the result. Here are some pictures.

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