Hold my controller – why 3D printing is awesome

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3D printing is an awesome tool for every maker everyone.  You need new decorations? Read this. You are a gamer looking to store your controller between sessions? Then keep reading!

A couple of months ago I was looking for a new controller to play games like Rocket League on the PC. In the end I decided to the the Xbox One Controller together with a battery pack for wireless gaming. The device is quite awesome but now I have one more thing cluttering my desk… and I trying to keep my desk as clean & minimal as possible.

3D printing to the rescue

While buying the controller I saw some matching stands but honestly I did not really like any of them… also they were still made for the desk so they don’t really help. This gave me the idea to simply print something though. So I checked thingiverse and found this awesome model. It looks good, fits the Xbox One Controller perfectly and can be screwed to the bottom of my desk, thus not taking any space on it.

So download -> slice -> print! I used simple white PLA and the print took around 5 hours. I printed this laying on the side and did not have any major issues. Some parts had some slight lines on the surface because the printer was not setup perfectly but those won’t be seen later anyways.

xbox one controller mount created with 3D printing
3D printing this controller mount is quite easy

This can be printed with minimal supports inside the mounting wholes or even without any. In any case: clean up the print and you are ready for installation. This nice model has holes included which allow the usage of a screwdriver. So pre drill if necessary and then simply screw the mount in place with 2 wood screws. This will only take a minute.

Now you are mostly done. Check if the position suits you (for example make sure you do not bump your knees into the mount under the table) and put the controller in place.

xbox one controller on mount under the desk
Xbox One Controller in the holder

There is even a small opening in the back of the holder for a power cable. So you could store a cable nearby and load the controller while it is resting there.

Now may your desk always be clean and your controller still be nearby!

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